Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lonely Day/ Social Day

The last couple of days did not go my way.
They weren't horrible, they just weren't acceptable.

Sunday started off like this:

Yeah, it was a 'Mimzy in the food bowl' kind of day.
I was left home alone most of the day.

That quiet girl that talks with her hands came and stayed the night.

When morning came she and Mom sat and 'talked' for awhile.
Then Nice Boy's Dad came over.
I began to think that I haven't seen Nice Boy in awhile.
It was weird to see his dad without him.

Then, Nice Boy's Dad took the Quiet Girl away.
Mom and I were alone again.

So we made our usual rounds earlier in the day than usual.
I didn't feel like hanging out in the Nice Ladies' office.

When I went home, I curled up on the window sill 
in the dining room.

I remained there for quite some time.

I was bored.

Then, to my surprise, Nice Boy came over!
And then Monday Uncle...then Monday Aunt.
 Daddy came home early!

The humans were all being very social.
Even Computer Aunt was hanging around.

After awhile, Nice Boy left and Sarcastic Monday showed up!

Ah, Mondays.

Of course, I wanted attention.
So I kept asking for it.
Because a brief acknowledgement is NOT attention.

I also asked for a nighttime walk.

I didn't get it.
So I curled up on the back of the couch and pouted.

I tried to sleep.

But I just couldn't relax.

Then it happened!

Nighttime walk!

Now, Mom seems to think that nighttime walks
are all about walking.

What she needs to realize it that it's really all about the smells!
I don't like to be rushed.