Sunday, July 20, 2014

Food Crisis

These past couple of days have been routine.
I've enjoyed visiting the Nice Ladies in the office.

I've enjoyed time on the patio.

Come nightfall, I've enjoyed my time outside
on the tether and a good nighttime walk.

Then came Caturday.

That's when the food ran out.

Mom tried to give me some wet food to tide me over.
Now, you must understand, I'm an odd cat and wet food just won't do.
Sure, I'll enjoy it for a small taste, but not for a meal.

At first, Mom and Daddy left the house for a bit.
When they returned, they informed me that the store near our 
house no longer carried my food.


So they got me ready for a car ride.
Mom even put my ice pack in my traveling bag because it was a hot day.

First, we went someplace I'd never been.

I waited patiently in my traveling bag while Mom and Daddy
ate their food.

Mind you, I hadn't had MY food yet!

Then we went to the pet store.

They had a new style of cat furniture there.
At first I found it interesting, but then 
I realized the grass was fake; I wasn't impressed.

I did find one I liked quite a bit.
It had a nice tall scratching post and a suitable round cubby hole.

The big disappointment was that they only had my food in a 15 pound bag.
15 pounds!
Now, I'm the sort of cat that doesn't like my food going stale.
And if you ask me, a 3.5 pound bag just about pushes the limit on
going stale once it's opened.
I'm only one cat, and 15 pounds is just too much.
So, after much contemplation, Mom and Daddy decided against it.

By now I was getting a hungry sort of grumpy.

So went moved on to the next pet store.

They had a nice selection of cat furniture too.

I didn't like this one as much as the one at the other store,

but I was content to stay there just the same.

However, they didn't have my food either.
What a disaster this trip was turning out to be.

I did enjoy the car ride home.

It wasn't as hot as it had been at first.

So I was nice and relaxed.

I was happy to get home too,

but my relaxing moment on the patio didn't last long.
Mom and Daddy told me to go inside while they left again.
Mind you, they still hadn't found my food.

They decided to continue the search without me.

When they finally returned home for the last time, 
they had a new food with them.
Fortunately, for everyone's sake, it passed my inspection.

Finally I could eat!

We all enjoyed the patio for awhile.

Then I resumed my obsession with the cat upstairs.

Apparently Mom and Daddy were not pleased with my 
attempts to call to the other kitty.

Mom chided me for being a 'neighborhood nuisance'.
After a few repeat offenses of disobeying Mom, she made me go inside.

She did let me get in a good nap on her lap.

A nice...long...nap.

Then I fell for the cat trap.

I had quite a bit of fun in there.

I don't see any reason to avoid this trap.

After a good bit of play,
I returned to nap on Mom's lap.

Next I plan to ask her for a nighttime walk.