Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chilly Day in July

Yesterday began with rain once again.
This time, however, it didn't last and there was no thunder or hail.

The sun came out, but it didn't get much higher than 66°F/19°C.
So, Mom and I went to get the mail.
This is me walking from the mailbox to the office
where the Nice Ladies work:

When we got into the office, I noticed that
my window was completely useless!

I guess the same thing is going to happen to the office
that happened to my home awhile back.

There ended up being way too much human activity in 
the office, so Mom let me go home while she stayed.

After she came home she got out the carpet monster.
I hate that thing!

When she finally put it away we enjoyed a bit 
of patio time together before New Wednesday Guy came
and took her away.

I didn't much like being alone, so I resorted to
familiar habits:

I put Mimzy in my food bowl.

Mom gave me a little more outside time when she got home.
When I say "a little", I mean too little.

So I found a new place in the living room to pout.

I don't care how chilly the night got,
I want a nighttime walk!