Sunday, June 9, 2013

Better Day

Today was better than yesterday.

Mom and Daddy left for a while.
While they were gone,
I put Mimzy in the food bowl.

When they came home
 I took an early afternoon nap.

Um...what was I doing?

Oh yeah...

Mom and Daddy left again.
So I displayed my protest clearly
by sitting in the Box of Rebellion.

When they came home they smelled like river again.
But this time Mom brought me PRESENTS!

Goose feathers!

Then we sat outside together.

I decided to go inside...
or outside..
or inside..

Aaah!  The perfect spot for any cat!

My favorite aunt and uncle came over.
Everyone sat outside.
It was a very nice day.

I kept a respectable cat distance from the humans.

Then I decided the outside would be 
better enjoyed from the inside.


Mom made me go back outside.
So I sat with my favorite aunt.

The sun went down.
Everyone went inside except me.

I suppose I'll go in now and sit behind Mom on the couch.