Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lonely Day, Social Night

Mommy and Daddy were gone 
They came home briefly 
and let me outside for a bit.

It was a hot day again,
so I went in the window.

Mom tried to coax me out.

But I just wanted her to come in and pet me.

Then left again after only being home a short while.
When they got home they smelled like the river.

My Favorite Aunt and Uncle were with them.
We all sat outside for a short while...

Then we all walked over to the ice cream place.
I'd never been there before.
I didn't much like it.

There were shopping carts around.
HATE shopping carts!

We all sat around outside while they ate ice cream.

I tolerated it at first...

But then the shopping carts just got to be too much 
for me to handle.
(Did I mention that I HATE shopping carts?)

So I hid close to my Favorite Aunt.

Finally we headed back home.
This is my face when we have to walk by
the recycling machines:

We're all finally home.
Now I can relax...
but I kind of want to go outside again.