Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Not better!
What's with the cold rainy day?

Mom got up early today.
That made me nervous.
So I went into my new spot under the desk.

She left before Daddy went to work!
He played with me a bit before he left.
Then I was alone.
AND it was raining.

When Mom got home
I just wanted to sit in my Box of Rebellion.

But Mom cheered me up with some tuna.

We stopped of in the office after getting the mail.
I just wanted to go home..

Through this door:

Then this door:

Then I had to wait for Mom to open
a THIRD door!
(You're slow Ma!)

Mom talked with my Computer Aunt for a bit,
then she took a short nap.
I waited until she was about to get up
from her nap to snuggle up behind her knees.
(Because that's what kitties do)

She let me go outside in the evening.
I couldn't quite reach that tasty plant.

She took pity on my and switched to my leash.

I wanted to go back into the clubhouse.

Mom discovered I like to chase frisbees.

And we played with the feathers.

It better not rain tomorrow!
I want to go outside!