Saturday, June 29, 2013

Long Caturday Adventure

Today I went on a Caturday outing.
It was hot, so I meowed and meowed!

Mom sat me with my feet up so I wouldn't be as hot.

It helped.

This is me cruising with my feet up:

Mom and Daddy ate lunch.
It was so hot outside, I went under the table.

But then I felt a little safer between Mom and Daddy.

Then we got back in the car and went to the pet store.

At first I was in my Travelling Bag.

Then I got out and tested the different cat trees.

I looked at the birds.

Mom offered me water...
No thanks Mom.

Then we went to the other pet store!
There were kitties waiting to be adopted.
A big orange tabby kept looking at me weird.
I hissed at him.

I tested more cat trees.

There was a soft bed on top of this one.

I could stay here awhile...
that'd be alright with me.

After that Daddy went in a human store 
while Mom and I waited nearby.

It was nice here.
There was music playing, a nice breeze was blowing,
and I was comfy in my Travelling Bag.

It was so nice,
I started to fall asleep.

this is nice.

After a while we went into a human store.
I hid in my bag until we went up some stairs.
Then I just had to check out my surroundings!
I had a great view of the place.

I was doing so well we went to another human store.
This is me waiting for Daddy to finish checking out:

On the way out of the parking lot,
we saw some rock chucks.
They're weird.

After such a long day out you'd think I wouldn't want
any more outside time.
But I did!  The temperature was perfect!

I sat outside until the sprinklers came on.
Now I'm napping next to Mom.
Good day!  Yep!  Good day!