Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some Things Cannot Be Trusted

Today wasn't too bad.
Sure, Mom left me for hours.
But I spent most my time on the chair in the dining room.
(You can't prove I did anything else!)

I was happy to see her when she got home.

Mom did her thing and I did mine.
(sure we did the usual, mail box...playtime..)

But I soon discovered there was SOMETHING
under the bookshelf that hadn't been there before!

I hissed at it a few times,

But it didn't seem to be afraid of me.


Mom laughed at me and said it was just
something I had knocked behind the bookshelf
when I got up near the fish 
while she was away.
(Really?  Such accusations Mom!)

Whatever!  I still didn't trust that area!

Even though she laughed at me
I guess she still loves me.

Good day.  >^.^<
I needed one of those!