Monday, June 17, 2013

Melancholy Monday

I was so apathetic today.
I wanted to be close to Mom all day.
I thought about going outside.

But I came back in as sat in my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

Eventually I moved down to my Box of Rebellion.

Then I sat right outside the door.

But, despite the fact that it was sunny,
it still rained.

So I decided to enjoy the outdoors from the safety of indoors.

But I didn't care for it much...

Mom played with me for a bit.

My Favorite Aunt and Uncle came over.

I hissed at my Aunt when she picked me up.
Mom got mad at me for that.
She said I made my Favorite Aunt sad.

So we made up.
My Favorite Aunt and I went for a short walk together.

Now I'm done being outside,
so Mom took my harness off.

I think I'll go sit behind my Favorite Aunt on the back of the couch.
Or maybe next to Mom on the chair.