Saturday, June 15, 2013

Not the Caturday Outside I Wanted

I didn't really feel like going anywhere today.

Don't let the cute face fool you,
I don't want to go out.

Mom and Daddy ate lunch at the park.
I waited patiently.

I looked at the view.
(Still not happy, by the way...see the ears?)

We went down by the water.
(Do I look happy about this?)

(This is my "happy" face)

I was nervous, so I sat in Mom's lap.

And buried my face.

Then we went to the horse sculpture.

Finally we started walking in a direction I wanted to go.

Daddy found another goose feather for me.

I was excited to get back in the car.

I enjoyed the ride home.

Now I'm home enjoying the great outdoors
from the comfort of my own patio.

I do so love the evenings!
(Now that all the noisy humans have gone inside)