Saturday, June 8, 2013


It's Caturday.
I thought,
Maybe Mom and Dad were going to take me out.
I didn't really feel like going out.
I got right into my Box of Rebellion.

But they left without me!
I found a new place to sulk.

Under the desk.
When Mom and Dad came home,
they smelled like river...
and left quickly again.
and again...
It wasn't even until after sunset that 
Mom finally took me to the mail box.

She didn't make me come in right away.

And when she did take my harness off
I ran right back outside!

That didn't last long.
Because they LEFT!

They finally came home.
I meowed and meowed at them!
I couldn't tell them enough
how disappointed in them I was!

Mom took me outside and sat on the patio.
I went as far as my rope would let me.

I thought things would get better.
But then the neighbor kids started
setting off firecrackers! 

Now I'm hiding in the back room with Mom.
She's trying her best to comfort me.