Saturday, June 1, 2013

What Happened to My Caturday Outing?

Today was Caturday.
I thought Mom and Daddy would
take me out in the car as usual.
But Daddy went to work.

It was a nice day,
so all the humans were out.
I thought about going inside...

Then I tried it for a bit...

Nope!  Too many loud humans!
 I reconsidered and watched the outside from inside again.

Then that nice boy came and took Mom away!
They were gone for hours!

When Mom finally came home she let me outside for a bit.

But really I just wanted to follow her around.
So I sat and stared at her.

She left me again and went into the water.
When she came back, I yelled at her from the window.
(How dare she keep leaving ME!)

Later she took me for a nice long walk.
It was dark.

I was excited!
My tail moved so fast you can only see the base of it!

I had a good time.

I got to chew on that plant again.

 Now I'm just going to sit close to Mom now 
and make sure she doesn't leave again!