Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not Quite Summer

Mom says summer's supposed to come tomorrow.
I'll believe it when I see it!
I sat in the window and watched the rain.

When it stopped raining and Mom
tried to get me interested in going outside.

No thanks.

Eventually Mom made me go check the mail.
It turned out to be pretty nice out.
When we went to the office, the Nice Lady was there.
I wanted to go home, but I let her pet me.
I was cute.

Later Mom left me for HOURS!
When she finally came home I was back in the window.
For all she knows I was here the entire time!
(and the fish ain't talkin'!)

I wanted to go for a walk when it got dark.
But Mom just put my tether on and
mumbled something about needing to eat dinner.

I kept meowing at her.
Eventually she just brought me inside while she ate.
Then...just when I had given up all hope...
She took me for a walk!

I love nighttime walks!