Monday, June 3, 2013

June 2: Oh, There's My Outing!

Having my outing a day late
has thrown off my groove!
The whole family was out of sorts today!

So we went to the park.
But we sat at a different picnic table.

There was a bird that yelled at me
the entire time!

Yeah!  BIRD!  I'm a CAT!
And I'm in your territory!

I iz still cute!

We walked by that big sculpture.
Mom says horses really are 
THAT big!

There were some grassy bushes there.
I got in touch with my inner 
jungle cat!

Can you sees me?

Follow the leash...

Look closely!

Here I iz!

Then we went to my normal spot!

It was a little too windy
for my comfort.

I didn't want to move.
So Daddy carried me.

I did enjoy the last few rays of sun.
My friend Steenkey knows how 
to do that!

There was a red-winged black bird!

Have I mentioned they star in my
favorite YouTube video?

I couldn't resist sticking my head under
the fence to smell the water and 
animals that live there.

On the way back to the car
I sat on a fence.

And I pretended I was wild!

After the park 
the whole family felt better!

Now my favorite aunt and uncle are here!
All is well!