Thursday, June 6, 2013

No Longer Grounded!

When I got up today
I just assumed Mom wouldn't 
let me outside.
So I got in my Box of Rebellion
and tried to look sad and cute.

But to my surprise she let me...

You KNOW where I want to go!
That's right!

Sidewalk Roll!

Then we went to the office.
The dog was there!


Don't stand so close to the dog!

I'm getting as high up as I can!

After that, I did get some good outside time.

I got to watch the sunset.

Then later,
a cat invaded my turf!
(I'll post the video on my G+)

I had to go outside and smell...

This is MY catnip!

Mom says she planted it in memory of Keaton,
and that the neighbor cats are welcome to it.