Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Road Trip Part 2

I did pretty good in the motel room.
It was nice that Mom brought a special litter box for me!

Because I had to go!
(Mom! Don't take pictures of me here! That's embarrassing!)

I spent most the time in the window.
And then....
Morning came!
There were so many scary noises!
Luggage wheels, people and housekeeping carts!

I hid under the bed.

But soon, Mom dragged me out and put the harness on me.

It was hot today!
So Mom took me inside a familiar store
while Daddy and Auntie went into a different store.
Mom found this picture of a cat a lot like me.
(but the black sleeve is on the wrong arm...among other details)

I found a nice cat tree I liked.
(Don't I always?)

This is my face when I hit myself in the face with my tail:

Then we went back to that food place.
There were some dogs, but they didn't bother me.
I voiced my complaint about the heat.

But mostly I was pretty good.

Mom put me in my bag with icepacks tucked in the pockets!
It was SO NICE!!!

I didn't mind waiting for the humans after that.

Mom let me wait in the car with Auntie while
she and Daddy went back in the food place for a bit.
I'm content.

When we started on the road again I was a pro!

I've got this down!

Soon Mom let me sit with her.

I had a great view out the window!

Everything was going by so fast!

After a bit I wanted to get back in my cool Traveling Bag.

We stopped at the rest area again.
I wanted to hide.
(This big planter is my friend)

Back in the car and in my bag again!
Mimzy shielded my eyes from the sun!

We're cute.

Montage of me sleeping much of the ride:

Then we stopped again.
I didn't want to get out.

When I got back in the car I stole Mom's seat.

But she offered my chilled Traveling Bag as a trade.
(I took it)

Before I knew it we were home!

I couldn't believe it!

But I took my sweet time walking to the door.
I wanted to stop and smell everything!

I was Mr. Calm!

I had forgotten that Mom and Daddy bought me a new toy!

It's good to be home!