Monday, July 1, 2013

Scaredy Cat, Lazy Cat, Bug Chaser

Today started off TERRIBLE!

Mom let me out of the bedroom early,
I thought that was a good thing...
I was so wrong!

There were monsters outside!

Mom called them lawnmowers and things.
She insisted they wouldn't come in the house
and hurt me.
I'm not buying it!
I stand by my description.
I was so scared I peed myself....
I'm so embarrassed.

I hid under the desk for awhile.

Eventually Mom made me go to the mailbox with her.
I was nervous the whole time,
But I suppose it made me realize the monsters were gone.

But then I just napped on the bench all day.

Yep. All. Day.

After lying there for hours...
I decided to get up and be cute.

I went outside after that hot sun started to go down.
It was a nice sunset.

I sat on the patio with Mommy and Daddy
and chased bugs!

Daddy let one inside..
I tried to stop it.

I sat outside by myself for awhile...
I really need to learn the sound of the sprinklers coming on.
Mom was fast, though!
That would have been a terrible end to
a day that started terrible!

Thanks Mom!
I owe you one.
Maybe I'll kill that fly in the house.