Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day 2013

Today was the 4th of July.
At first it just felt like a nice lazy day.

After a while Mom and Daddy left and came back
hours later smelling like the river.
But then, Mom put me in my Traveling Bag
and off we went.

Mom had painted some stuff on my Traveling Bag the night before:

We went to the park, but I was hidden.
I heard a lot of voices.  Some of them were familiar.
Then I heard one of the Tuesday People (I'll call her Sarcastic Tuesday) comment on the bag.
"Oh, you did there really a cat in there?"
That's when all the humans finally noticed me.

I was popular.

I got to sit with one of the Tuesday People. 
(I'll call her Sweet Tuesday).

I stayed in the bag.

After a while I just chilled in the bag on the grass.

This is me chillin' in my Traveling Bag:

Then Mom put me in her lap again.
I started to get sleepy.

The sun started to set and Mom and Sarcastic Tuesday
took me for a walk.
This is me going for a walk:

When we got back to the people
 I realized what "4th of July" meant.

Who can nap with this going on?

But I was in my Bag, so I was fine.
I didn't mind the far away ones as much.

Finally we went home!
I couldn't WAIT to get in the house!
Daddy! Open the door! Open the door!

Of course, 
as soon as I was home I wanted to go outside.