Monday, July 8, 2013

Road Trip!

Today I found out what Mom and Daddy were up to.
My Favorite Aunt came over and we all got in the car.
It was SO HOT!!!
Mom put a cold thing on my feets,
it felt good.

I wasn't happy at first,
I meowed and meowed!

But after a while I started to relax.

Daddy kept me cool with ice bags near me.

We stopped at a rest stop.
There were a lot of dogs and people there.
I just chilled in the shade.
Mom and Daddy gave me water,
but I didn't drink it.

Mom buckled me back in the car...

We drove FOREVER!!!!

It wasn't so bad after the car got more shade.

Finally we stopped at another rest area!
There were some chipmunks playing,
and lots of shade.
It was good to be out of the hot car.

It was pretty there.

Mom found a nice place for me to sit.
I felt both hidden and able to survey my surroundings.

When we got back in the car
Daddy took over driving for Auntie.
She sat in the back with me.
It was cooler and the scenery was nice.

I was chill.

This is me trying to get a little sleep in the car:

Before I knew it we were at a place that made
Mom, Daddy and Auntie very happy.

I stayed in my Traveling Bag.

Then we went to a new place.
It was nice and cool!
I explored my new surroundings.

I was pretty excited!
(This is actually kind of fun!)

I found the window!
(Hi, Daddy! What are you doing outside?)

Yep!  I think I'm set for a good while!
This is exciting!

(I wonder what will happen tomorrow)