Saturday, July 6, 2013

Alone Again

Mom and Daddy left me alone.
At first I thought they were going to take me someplace,
it is Caturday after all.
But they didn't.
They went to the river....AGAIN.

I played around the house while they were gone.
I ate all my food.
I got bored.
I dragged Mimzy from the living room to the bedroom
and put her in my food bowl again.
(I have you now, Mimzy!)

When Mom and Daddy came home,
I was SURE they were going to take me somewhere.
So I tried to get out of Mom's reach.
(Do you see me?)

She did have my harness in her hand,
it was a valid concern.
She got me.

As it turned out, we just went to the mailbox.

This is me on the way home:

It actually was rather nice out.

I sat under the chair for awhile.

Then I decided to walk over 
and investigate under the patio table.
( I sure I want to leave the chair?...yeah, o.k.)

Is that a bug?

What's up there?

I guess a peaceful day is o.k. with me.