Saturday, July 13, 2013

In search of Fish Tank Season 3

Today was not bad.
Even though I got in my Box of Rebellion,
I was happy.
Mom and Daddy went out for a bit.

When they came home I sat in the window.
It was so nice I purred!

Then they took me to the pet stores.
I tested the cat trees.

I like the carpeting on this one..

This is nice...but expensive.

We went to the other pet store too.
I looked at the fishes.

I was so calm I decided to just lounge on the floor.

I actually enjoyed the car ride home.

We brought home Fish Tank Season 3.

Meet Monstro

Mom let me outside.

Just in time... watch the sunset!

Good day!
Now I just want to go for a nice nighttime walk!
Let's GO!!!