Monday, July 15, 2013

Not Bad For a Monday

I started off unsure of today.
(Box of Rebellion time)

Mom took me to check the mail and we stopped in the office 
to say hi to the Nice Lady.
I was a bit agitated and wanted to leave.

Try again...

Mom picked me up and I hissed at her...
(my bad)
So she put me back on the leash...

Until I calmed down.
(notice the change in leash tension)

I took a nap when we got home.
My Favorite Aunt and Uncle came over.
Auntie gave me some good attention.

Then they all went away.
When Mom came back she smelled like the river.

She sat outside with me and enjoyed the sunset.

I even sat in her lap

Daddy came home and 
Auntie and Uncle came back.

I think it'll be a good night.