Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back To Normal

Today everything was back to normal.
Except that Daddy was home in the middle of the week.

I thought for sure Mom and Daddy would take me out again.
So I made my position on the subject known:
(Ultimate Box of Rebellion!)

After a bit, I began to realize they were going to the river.
I was safe!

After they came back,
Daddy took Mom away and left her.
(Then I remembered that was normal for Mom on Wednesday)
I played with my new toy....

When it got dark, I wanted to go outside!

So when Mom got home I begged and begged!

She put my harness on!

And my leash!
(That means an actual walk! Not just the tether!)

We went to get the mail...AT NIGHT!

We even walked around after getting the mail!
Until I heard some dogs and wanted to go inside.
(My tail is showing my agitation at speeds too fast for the camera!)

But then, Mom and Daddy sat outside with me.
(I may have the tether on, but I like this!)

Nice lazy day for me!