Friday, July 12, 2013


Today was a typical cat day for me.
I wanted to do nothing.

Mom gave me some belly rub.

I went outside for a bit.

But really I wanted to stay inside.
Eventually the Teenagers came over.
They didn't pester me.
(I guess I finally have them trained)

After they left I wanted to go for a walk outside.
Mom let me out, but she put the tether on...NOT the leash.
I tried to explain to her what I really wanted.

She didn't give in.

So I chased a bug to entertain myself.

I got myself tangled in the process.

I thought Mom was going to take me for a walk,
so I got excited and ran across the grass.

I was mistaken.

She did end up taking me for a brief walk.
I doubt I'll get any more than that out of her tonight.
That's just typical.