Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another Boring Day

I was feeling sleepy when I got up.

Mom left me.

When she finally came home
she smelled like river...again.
Then she went in the pool.
Before I knew it Nice Boy came over.
But he went to the pool too.
(What's with humans and water?)

They finally came out and another boy came over.

They sat and ignored me.

So I ignored them.

After resting in the hall for a good while.
I went in the window.
But then I realized the humans were going to pay attention to me!

The one boy left,
so I sat outside with Mom and Nice Boy.

This is the 'animated' GIF where I refuse to move for the camera:

This is Mom's second attempt...
Where I look away and make cute faces for Nice Boy..
NOT for the camera:

After Nice Boy went home,
I sat outside for a while.

I was content.

I enjoyed nice plant #2:

When I went inside,
I wanted to watch Fish Tank...
The reboot series hasn't started yet.

Mom picked me up and said I should drink that water.
She refreshed the water in my bowl...
(I don't think it tastes as good)