Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is Today Tuesday?

Today Nice Boy came and took Mom to the river.

When they came home
they sat outside on the blanket.

Nice Boy tried to get me to join him.

I ignored him.

I was enjoying my spot under the patio table too much.

Until a shopping cart went by!
(Evil thing!)
(If you've read the Facts About Me tab, you know they terrify me!)

I ran inside.
After Nice Boy went home,
I went back outside with Mom.
I investigated the changes on the patio.

She had put a rope outside.
I didn't think much of it

It came to life!

I attacked!
(I know...I'm cute)

After a bit of play with the rope.
I settled down to enjoy the sunset.

It was pretty.

Mom even let me roll around on the sidewalk...

Without the harness!
(Ooooh!  That feels good!)

Eventually Sarcastic Tuesday came over...
but none of the other Tuesday People!
That's weird!

Does that mean we're
free to go on a nighttime walk?

It looks so inviting, Mom!