Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Well That Didn't Go Well

I had a bad feeling about today when I got up.
It was hot.  Mom was restless.
I hid under the chair.

I just wanted to sleep on the bench all day.
I put in a good effort towards that goal.

I considered getting up...

and then reconsidered...

But eventually Mom put my harness on so
we could go check the mail.
I expressed my disdain for the situation:

We went through the office...
but there was this strange human there
with wheels that hummed and whirred.

THAT made me more nervous.
My impending sense of doom was 
coming to fruition.

So Mom decided to avoid the office on the way home.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
But those little dogs were off leash.
One came towards me...
Then the other bigger one came at me barking!
He got right up in my face!
Their Mommy came out and grabbed the bigger one,
But I was flailing so wildly she got scratched!

This is my "I told you so" face I gave to Mom:

She felt horrible about the whole affair.
At least I got some wet food out of the deal.

I felt that the worst had happened.
I went back to lying down
while Mom went swimming.
Eventually Daddy came home for a bit.
He gave me some attention.

Daddy left.
Mom came back and sat outside with me.
It was finally starting to cool down!

The sun went down.
One of the Tuesday people came over.
I sat next to her on the patio for a bit.
Life's good now.