Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Call Me Mr. Pouty Face

I slept most of the day.
Mom went out.
When she and Daddy came home together
I wanted to go for a nighttime walk!

First I begged at the front door...

and begged...

Then I begged at the back door...
(you can see me trying to make Mom open the 
door by sheer force of will)
(and can you tell that I'm meowing?)

She let me outside on the harness!

But that's not EXACTLY what I wanted!
So I meowed! And MEOWED!
and MEOWED!  and MEOWED!!!!!
and MEOWED!!!!!!!!!!!

Until Mom pulled me back inside.
(wrong direction Mom!)

I kept meowing.
She opened a window for me.

Not exactly what I wanted either!
(even less so Mom!)

So I meowed some more.
And pouted..

and pouted!

My face when I don't get exactly what I want:

I'm still meowing and pouting...
and wandering from window to window...
and did I mention I'm MEOWING?