Sunday, July 7, 2013

Something's Up

Today started off pretty normal for a Sunday.

Mom and Daddy left for a few hours.
When they came back I decided to 
sit in the bedroom window.

It was nice.

But eventually I went back to my spot on the bench.

I'm a bit suspicious.
Mom and Daddy are up to something...
Why would she put Mimzy in my Traveling Bag?

But nothing's come of it yet.
My Favorite Aunt and Uncle came over.
(They gave me attention)

We all went to eat some ice cream.

I'm ready to go home now...

Yep...ready to go home.

They finally listened to me!
The floor feels really nice today.

Or maybe I'll go outside for a bit...
(The door is open after all)

I'll go enjoy the evening outside.
(But I'm still wondering why Mom was putting 
stuff in my Traveling Bag)