Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Carpet in My Box House

Yesterday, when Mom and I went to visit the Nice Ladies 
in the office, the door was wide open.
So Mom kept me on the leash and we sat on the couch
facing the outdoors.

When we went home Mom finished the project she had started days ago.
She had cut up one of MY carpet pieces.
At first I was upset about it,
but then I realized she was adding the pieces 
to my box house.

I think I like the finished product.
(At least I think it's finished.)

When nighttime came, so did the Monday People.
Mom and Sarcastic Monday sat out on the patio 
while I watched Daddy and Monday Aunt and Uncle 
from my perch atop the air conditioning box.

After I became bored with that,
I got down and looked for Upstairs Calico.

Calico was there...staring down at me.

I went to the sidewalk to get a different vantage point.

Eventually all the humans gathered inside,
so I went and sat in the dining room window.

After all the Monday People had gone I got Mom
to take me on a nighttime walk.

Which I shall now refer to as reconnaissance.
After all, I could care less about the walking aspect of it.

After that, all that was left
 to do was wait for Mom to decide to go to bed.

So I waited.