Friday, August 8, 2014


Yesterday the office was too active for me to enjoy 
the affections of the Nice Ladies and Maintenance Guys.

So Mom let me go home.
She was far too busy for most of the day to even
take a photo of me.

I felt ignored.

She let me spend some time on the tether outside,
but it wasn't long enough.

She had, however, cut my new carpet scrap into two pieces 
and put one near the door.

I found this to be acceptable.

You may notice that I'm wearing Keaton's old collar again.
I figured this meant I should be allowed outside.

Yet, there I was.
On the wrong side of the window looking out.

I gave Mom glares of disapproval.

Eventually I wandered down the hall and saw this:

I hissed at it.
Then I gave it a good whack with my paw.

Mom laughed at me.

O.K. so it's just my tunnel, but it's bent into a weird position.
It freaked me out, O.K.?

Mom did manage to play with me for a bit using 
the string-on-a-stick.

Then I reclined for awhile on the other part of carpet scrap.

Still, all I could think of was going out for a nighttime walk.
So I moved to the back of the couch because it's closer
to the door.


"Please take me for a nighttime walk!"