Thursday, August 7, 2014

Some May Call This Junk...

Yesterday, when Mom opened the door to the patio,
there was a present waiting for me.

Apparently the carpet had to be replaced in one of the 
apartments in our complex.  So one of the Maintenance Guys
brought me some of the carpet scrap!

At first I sniffed it. 
Then I began to claw on it.
Mom said, "Good boy!"
I was confused and began to walk away thinking 
that she was getting on my case for clawing on yet 
another forbidden thing.

Much to my surprise, Mom knelt down on started 
clawing on it!
I returned to the carpet scrap and joined her.

Really?!  It's really for me?!

Mom had to leave because it was Wednesday.
So while she was gone I brought Mimzy out to my 
new piece of carpet.

I am loving this!

When Mom and Daddy came home I let 
them know how much I liked it.

Of course, it can't take the place 
of my most favorite pastime.

I moved to the window and began my
nightly longing for a walk.

Boy was I surprised when Mom got my harness and off we went!

I took my sweet time taking in the scents.

When  I returned to the house,
I returned to my carpet scrap.

Part of me wanted to go back outside.

Then I began to succumb.




Thank you Maintenance Guys!