Friday, August 29, 2014

Eventful Day

Yesterday seemed a little off right from the start.

Mom let me outside to enjoy the patio.
As soon as I thought she wasn't paying attention,
I went over to the neighbors' rocks.

She caught me.

Then I got ready to pounce on her as she walked by my "hotel" box.
She caught me.
I tried to act casual.

Then we went to the office to visit the Nice Ladies.

After a long while, a whole bunch of people came into the office.
Some of the little girls were looking at me in my hiding place.
Mom called to me and said it was time to go home.
I gathered up all me nerve and squeezed past the girls.

Much to my surprise, the whole group of them followed me home!

As it turns out, it was Mom's mom, sister, and a whole bunch of nieces!

I retreated to the indoors.

Eventually all but Grandma went away somewhere. 
I asked Mom for a nighttime reconnaissance.
She agreed and off we went.

I had to keep looking back because Grandma had come with us.
So that was different.

Then, when I returned to my house, all the girls had reappeared!

 After awhile I realized that only Grandma and two
of the nieces were still in my house.

Next thing I knew, Mom was putting my car harness on me.
The five of us...that is Mom, Grandma, nieces and Daddy,
went for a nighttime ride to the park.

We had a little adventure.

I wanted to explore different places than the humans did.

After awhile we returned to the car.

I was happy to get home.

Although, Grandma shared my room.
So that was weird.