Thursday, August 21, 2014

I Don't Want to See That

Yesterday, when Mom and I went to check the mail,
we saw Daddy drive by heading towards home.
So our visit in the office was brief.

I went down the hallway towards home while Mom
was still talking to Nice Lady 2.
I saw Daddy on the patio,
but couldn't open the door to get to him. 
So I meowed a sorrowful cry.

When Mom heard it she stopped talking and went home.
At first, I was dubious about Daddy being home early.
I thought that maybe they were plotting something;
so I went up to my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

Before long, however, the outdoors beckoned me.

I wandered over to the sidewalk to get in a good roll.

Then Mom brought out my string-on-a-stick.

When we all went back indoors,
Mom began messing with my box house again.

I thought she was done with it the other day, 
but I was wrong.

She added a curtain!

I like this new addition.

It makes for fun play.

As the night wore on, I pestered Mom to let me outside.

She seemed busy, but eventually she relented.
I began to meow and meow at Upstairs Calico.

I was trying to ignore what Mom was actually doing.
While I was obsessing over Upstairs Calico, she was
digging in the outside closet.

When I kept meowing, Mom made me go inside.
That's when I had to face reality.

She had brought out all the camping gear.

Darn it.

So not only does this mean I will be without Mom and Daddy 
for a few days; it also means you'll be without the blog for a few days.