Saturday, August 2, 2014


Yesterday I wasn't feeling very confident.
When Mom and I went to visit Nice Lady 2 in the office,
I hid under the chair.

When we had our patio time,

I sat in the corner.

Once nighttime came around, 
I opted to view the outdoors from my window.

Well, the Teenagers were visiting.

I finally got up enough courage to sit outside on
my tether for a bit.

I guess I had waited too long to find my courage,
because the Teenagers all came outside.

So I retreated back to my window.

As soon as they left, however, I returned to the outdoors 
with renewed enthusiasm.

Much to Mom's surprise, though, I didn't stay out long.

I joined Mom on the couch as she played her video game.
Then, suddenly, she jumped up and hunted down a spider from
underneath the DVD racks.

I just watched as she killed it.

It was huge!

Later, however, I decided to step it up.
I found a spider of my own.

This one was of a more manageable size.

When I was done, Mom was unconvinced of its demise.
So she finished it off.
I made it stop moving across the floor.
That was all I cared about.

With my renewed sense of confidence I boldly
began to ask for a nighttime walk.

When I didn't get it I sat on the dining room chair for a bit.

Then I began to play,

but I wasn't about to let Mom join me.

She had her chance.