Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I Have a Bad Feeling About This

Yesterday Maintenance Guy 1 was 
in the office, so I hid under the chair to avoid him.
Mom still insists that he's nice, but I don't believe
that anyone who makes that much noise when they 
walk can be nice.

When I thought Mom was ready to go,
I came out and asked for the door to be opened.

I was, however, in no rush to get home.

Daddy had come home very early, so I felt 
fairly certain things weren't going to be normal today.

I tried to ignore my sense of foreboding and 
reclined on the cool of the dining room floor.

Much to my dismay my instincts had been right.

Before I knew it, Mom had picked me up.
She began clipping my claws.

Now, I do pretty good with the front paws,
but by the time she gets to the back paws I've had it!

I growled and buried my head; tried to pretend it wasn't happening.

When she was finished I walked casually away.

I tried to pretend nothing had happened.
I also tried to pretend that the rest of the day would be good.

There again, however, was the terrible sense of foreboding.

Before I knew it the sunny day had gone.
The clouds covered the once blue sky and thunder began to rumble.

I retreated to the safety beneath the bed.

Eventually I came to check if the coast was clear.

It was.
So I began to relax on the patio once more.

At least the thunderstorm had made for a nice sunset.

The rest of the evening went more smoothly.
The Monday People came.
I got a brief nighttime walk.

Finally I could relax.