Sunday, August 3, 2014

Grumpy Growls

Yesterday I asked Mom for some catnip.
She said we were out.

I thought she could just walk to the store and get some.
What happened was this:

We all went to the store to get some.
Unfortunately, on the way there it began to rain.
Then it began to hail.

The sound was loud and terrifying!
I buried my face in the crook of Mom's elbow.

When we finally made it to the store,
I saw a female tuxedo cat waiting to be adopted.

So I hissed at her.
She hissed at me.

Then I growled from then on.

I growled when we looked at collars.
I growled when we looked at cat furniture.

I growled when we picked up the cat nip.
(Well, I stopped to sniff it.)
I growled when we walked up and  down the aisles.
Mom started calling me a 'grumpy growler'. 

They didn't have any collars that suited me,
so we went to the other store.

I growled there too.

My face clearly expresses my mood:

They didn't have any collars that fit my style either.

 So I tried out the different cat trees.

I stopped growling while I was testing them out,
but my mood didn't change.

I retested some of them.

Every time I settled into one,
Mom made me get out.

Apparently Mom and Daddy didn't want to stay in the 
store that long.

'Look, guys, you dragged me all the way out here.
I'm going to try every piece of cat furniture I can.
And you're going to wait.'

Mom eventually convinced me that leaving was better.
I admit, the car ride home was much more pleasant.

When we got home, however, I had 
mixed emotions.

On one hand, I really wanted to be home.

On the other hand, it had begun to to rain again.

Not a light sprinkle. No.


Would you just look at the size of the wet spots 
each drop of rain was causing?

Mom let me off my leash.
She knew exactly what I would do as soon as she 
opened the car door.

I RAN to the front door so fast Daddy didn't 
even see it happen!

I was so happy to be home.

Mom quickly offered me the cat nip.
I took one look at it and walked away.

'Thanks, Mom.  I just wanted to make sure we had some.'

She seemed a bit miffed.
(Tee hee)

I was done for the day.
Mom and Daddy enjoyed the sunset from the patio.
I watched it from the comfort of the dining room 
through the open door.

I didn't even ask for a nighttime walk.