Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cat Day

Yesterday the office wasn't as chaotic as the day before.

I was uneasy at first, so Mom had to call me out 
from my new favorite office hiding place.

After that I relaxed and wandered into 
Nice Lady 2's office.

When it was time to go home,
I went casually.

Mom switched out my harness for the collar 
and I went back outside.

It was a nice day.

At first I was content to stay on the patio;

then I moved to the sidewalk to look 
for Upstairs Calico.

Apparently Upstairs Calico was looking for 
me as well.

"Hi, Upstairs Calico. You're looking nice today."

After that, Mom left the house for 
a few hours.

When she returned, she promised 
that she would take me on a nighttime walk 
when Daddy got home.

He didn't get home until very late!
I had given up hope.

Then it happened.
Mom put the harness on me.

Well, it wasn't the usual harness.
It was one I hadn't worn in a very long time.
I used to slip out of it, but Mom said 
I had grown.

I do like it better.

It's more comfortable in some places and 
doesn't pull on my ears when Mom goes to take it off.

As soon as the leash was attached I moved closer to the door.

We didn't walk for very long, but that's O.K.

I was pretty content for the rest of the night.
I even got to enjoy my favorite treat.

Drinking glass condensation.