Tuesday, August 26, 2014

They Came Back

Saturday evening Mom and Daddy came home!

I was napping on the window sill of my bedroom,
thinking about how melancholy life was at that moment,
when I suddenly heard Mom's voice.
I looked up in disbelief.
It wasn't a dream.
I didn't want to let them out of my sight again.
I curled up next to Mom every chance I got.

Sunday night I coughed up my very first hairball.
Mom was surprised.
So was I.
I thought for sure Mom was mad at me, so I ran and
hid as soon as I was done.
To My surprise, however, she was very understanding.
Just between you and me, I never want to do that again!
It was very unpleasant!

By the time Monday came around, Mom and Daddy had
rested up and returned to routine.
This, of course, made me very happy indeed.

Mom and I once again went to check the mail and visit the 
Nice Ladies in the apartment office.

While we were in there, I climbed up onto the chair next to Mom;

I couldn't sit still.

I was way too happy to have things back to normal!
At one point, I looked up at Mom and began talking 
to her with a vocalization I had never used before.

She was so excited to hear it.
I chatted away at her and rubbed against her.
By the time she thought to try to record it,
I was about done.

This is all she caught:

After Daddy came home, he and Mom left for
a few hours.

I was disappointed and left them a message 
about it in my food bowl.

Then Mom played with me for a bit in my Kitty Hotel.
(That's what they've taken to calling my box with carpet.)

I decided to remind Mom that it's been days since my 
last nighttime reconnaissance.

She agreed that I was overdue.
I didn't want to wear my harness, so we 
argued about it for awhile.

She won.

When we returned, I began to run around the house.

I had finally succeeded in tiring myself out.

It's not often one can say this,

but Monday was a good day.