Thursday, August 14, 2014

Time For a Change

The last two days the weather had me 
spending time under the bed.

That's right.

So yesterday, when there was a break,
Mom and I went to the office to visit Nice Lady 1.

I didn't hide right away.
I wandered around the office.
I even wandered into the clubhouse room and explored.

Then I went back into Nice Lady's office.

Then I went into my hiding place under the chair.
It's not that I was scared.  After all, the office
was nice and calm.
It was just that I felt more secure there.

When Mom was ready to go, I wasn't.

Mom and Nice Lady had to coax me out.

Once I was outside I still didn't want to go home.

Eventually, however, I did go into the house.
Then I went under the bed.
That's where I stayed until Mom left.

By the time Daddy came home I had played with 
Mimzy and settled onto the back of the couch.

When Daddy finally left and brought Mom back,
I was ready to go on a nighttime walk.

Mom insisted on eating dinner instead.
Then she napped on the couch.

I got sucked in.
I curled up next to Mom and got in a good nap myself.

When she woke up I heard her say she didn't want to go for a walk.
I stared at her.

Then she said that I probably really needed a walk since
I had felt so insecure the last couple of days.

After that she stood up!
I jumped up and followed her as fast as I could!

Sure enough, I had heard correctly.
After she got herself ready, she put the harness on me.

We walked around the neighborhood for a bit.
Then I did something different.

It occurred to me that I hadn't stayed in the office
as long as I had wanted.

I walked to the door to the office and asked Mom to let me in.

Mom got the key and we went inside.
Well, we went into the clubhouse room anyway.

I was happy.

I relaxed.

I explored...

...and explored...

...and explored.

I looked outside to the forbidden 
area where Mom goes swimming.

Then I explored the room some more.

Then I wandered into the hallway and looked at the water 
area again.

I went to the other door and looked into the office,
but Mom said the Nice Ladies weren't there.

I guess Mom doesn't have the key to that door.
So I chilled out in the hallway.

Mom began to insist that we leave.
So I went outside and began my nighttime walk anew.

That is, until some teenage boys came walking by and scared me.
I trotted home as fast as my leash would allow.

Once I was back on my patio I regained my confidence.
So Mom put the tether on me and let me stay out longer.

When I was finally ready to go inside,
I was hyper!

At least until I saw Mom with the camera.

Then I returned to the back of the couch and waited.

I would return to my hyper romp after I was convinced 
the camera was gone for the night.