Sunday, August 17, 2014

More Attention Please!

Yesterday I was happy to soak up attention
from Mom and Daddy.

Unfortunately, after a brief time outside, they left me.

I only had Mimzy to keep me company,
so I brought her from the bedroom to the dining room.

When they finally came home I turned to Upstairs Calico for attention.
Then, after sitting on the air conditioner and meowing for awhile,
I gave up and tried to go into the clubhouse.

Mom and Daddy didn't let me in,
so I returned to my pursuit of Upstairs Calico.

I meowed and meowed!

After awhile Mom walked with me to the end of the building.

Then, when I thought my adventuring was over,
Mom brought out the string-on-a-stick toy.

I played until I was tired!

As time went by, however, I got bored all over again.

After trying to entertain myself for a bit,
I just sat there...

...staring at Mom and Daddy.