Sunday, August 10, 2014

Energetic Day

Yesterday I thought Mom and Daddy were 
going to take me for a car ride,
but it turns out that Mom was just teasing me.

They left me at home, which was fine with me.

I napped and played with Mimzy while they were gone.
When they came home, I went outside with Mom 
and looked for the Upstairs Kitties.

Upstairs Tabby was in the window.

Then Mom brought out my string-on-a-stick toy!

Boy did we have fun!

Eventually I got tired and stretched out on the patio.

It was just in time to enjoy the sunset.

Mom put the tether on me and let me stay out after dark.

That is, until I saw Upstairs Calico in the window.
I climbed on top of that box outside my window
in an attempt to get closer.

From there I meowed and meowed.

Mom called me a neighborhood pest and made me 
go back into the house.

By then I was bounding with energy!
I played with Mimzy...

...and ran all over the house!

Hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper!

The quick turn-around:

Finally I had expended my energy and chilled 
out on the back to the couch.

What a great day!