Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Sunday, while Mom and Daddy were gone, 
I went to my toy box in the dining room and made a selection.

I took my string-on-a-stick toy and dragged it down the hallway.

When Mom saw it she understood that
 this was the toy I wanted to play with.

She's smart that way.

We played in the dining room for a bit.

Then I dragged it into the living room.

Then Mom brought it back into the dining room.

The next day I waited.

Mom got the idea.

I was still in the mood for string-on-a-stick!

We played for a long time.

After a good deal of exhausting play I would begin 
to get my motor skills all tangled.

So I would take a break.

The desire to play hadn't left.

So it was only a minute before I was up and at it again.

I was interested,

but somewhat lazy in my play.

So I took to resting again.

I still wanted to play, but my enthusiasm had left me.

You may wonder why I wasn't begging Mom to let me outside.

Well, the past couple of days were a bit hot and gloomy.

It's difficult to get it across in photos,
but the temperature was hot, the sky was cloudy,
and the air was hazy from wildfires.

Normally we have beautiful air here.
So these past couple of day seemed extra yucky.

The Monday People came over at the proper time.
The humans left the door open to allow for a breeze.

I had been really good all day,
but I suddenly got it in my head to go on a nighttime walk
without Mom.

Big mistake!

Daddy came after me!
I ran into the house so quick I surprised the Monday People.

I got the tether after that.

Mom and Daddy opened BOTH doors for a good cross breeze.

I sat in the house on my tether, unable to choose which door 
to look out.

Until it dawned on me.
The tether doesn't reach the front door.
Darn it!