Friday, August 1, 2014

The Usual Case of Discontent

Yesterday after Mom and I got done with
our usual rounds, I stopped to have a good roll on the sidewalk.

Then I checked for Upstairs Calico.

I checked the upstairs window...

I checked the upstairs balcony...

Then I gave up only to have Upstairs Calico show up on the 
balcony after all.

By then Mom had relieved me of my harness and put 
Keaton's old collar on me.
It's more comfortable than the harness.
She says she's hoping to get me my own collar soon.
My understanding is that Keaton hardly used his collar 
 because he didn't go outside much.


I don't understand that at all!

I've decided that the door that leads to the office 
is my territory just as much as the patio.

Mostly because I can see if Upstairs Calico comes out.
Of course, as soon as a strange human walks by I run back
to my patio.

Well, I was happy when Daddy came home early again,
but disappointed when he and Mom left me alone 
while they went to the movies.

So I left them the usual message:

"Hey guys, when you leave me I get lonely and have
to resort to dining with Mimzy because you aren't there
to watch over me while I eat.  Sincerely, Winchester"

When they returned, I meowed and meowed telling 
them all the reasons they should take me on a nighttime walk.

They didn't seem to see any of my points at all!

So I reclined on the back of the couch and tried 
the "get your humans to do what you want through 
focused thoughts" or "Jedi mind tricks":

Oh, wait, it helps to look pathetic...

Are you hearing me humans?