Thursday, August 28, 2014


Yesterday the weather was nice.
So nice that I kept pushing my boundaries.

I would go over to the neighbors' rocks;
Mom would scold me and make me go back to the patio.

Then I would go off the patio and sit next to my grass plant.

Then quickly and suddenly go halfway to the rocks.

Mom caught me doing that so many times that she made 
me go inside the house.

Eventually Loud Boy and his sister came and took Mom away.
That's when I remembered it was Wednesday.

When Mom and Daddy finally came home they 
expected to find Mimzy in my food bowl.

I, however, had done something new.
I put Mimzy up on the window sill in the dining room!

For some reason, Mom was unwilling to take me outside
for my nighttime reconnaissance.

"This is unacceptable."

After giving up on getting my way, 
I did something else I'd never done before...

I curled up in my cat bed.