Friday, November 28, 2014

A New Town

Yesterday morning I tried to
put Mimzy in my food bowl.
This is the best I could do:

Then everyone left me.

When they finally came back,
Mom and Daddy found me here:

Yeah, that's me.
Mom uncovered me.

Though I was happy to see them, they looked
like they were getting ready to leave again.

They were, but this time they took me with them.
So I found myself back in the car.

I'm getting to be quite good at riding in the car.

This time we didn't drive for 10 hours.
This time we drove for maybe one hour.
I found myself someplace new.
I got into my traveling bag so Mom could
carry me around this new store.

Then we got back into the car and drove
for a little bit more.
Another new town.

Mom and Daddy told me that it was the
town where they had met and where 
Keaton, (the cat that came before me), was born.

When we stopped at the next store, I told Mom I 
didn't want to go.
So they left me in the car for a bit.

Then we went to another place where I rode
in the bag. 
There was a salesclerk there that seemed
very happy to see me.

That store seemed to have everything.
Mom even let me pick out a toy!

I wanted to play with it as soon as
we got back in the car.

Eventually we went into another store.
This one seemed a lot like a store back home.

No one seemed to notice me.

After that I was eager to get 
back to my grandparents' house.
It was the closest thing to home after all.

When we got there, I explored all over again.
Then I played with my new toy for a bit.

Mom and I played for ahwile.

The only problem was that I kept 
getting distracted by every little thing.
A sound there, a scent here...

...Daddy just sitting there watching me.

Well, his hand DID move slightly!

So I just decided the best thing for it
was to sit and do nothing.

That's when I noticed that Mom and Daddy were
packing again.
I wonder where the road will take us this time.