Sunday, November 30, 2014

Back to Utah

Yesterday I got up early because I
heard Grandmama up and about.
I sat in in the dining room and watched her.

Then I took an even greater interest in her.

Then, while everyone was eating breakfast,
I found a nice place on a wide window sill.

It was very peaceful until my Small Human Cousins 
came running in eager to see me.
Mind you, I'm happy to have attention,
I was just unprepared for their exuberance.

Then the time came.
Mom and Daddy had loaded all the bags and things
into the car.
As Mom buckled me in, the family watched.

Just call me Mr. Popular.

Then we said 'goodbye' to everyone and
'goodbye' to Denver.

After we had been in the car for awhile,
we stopped at a rest area where I got to
get out and walk for a bit.

There were lots of people and dogs there.

Then we headed further into the Rockies.

So I slept pretty much the entire time.
Mom DID wake me up for all the tunnels.

There was also a brief period where I considered 
staying awake, but after I looked around a bit I
returned to sleep after all.

That is, until Mom got me out at another rest area.

It was here that I met another cat on a leash.
And here I was convinced I was the only one.

Mom didn't let me too near her, but she was 
quite beautiful!
Her name was Twizel and she was also 
traveling from Denver after the holiday.

Her final destination was far south of mine, 
however, so I don't think I'll see her again.

She reminded me a bit of Angel.
(I miss upstairs calico beauty.)

After that it was back in the car again.
So I went back to sleep until the sun went down.

Then I got up, used the litter box, and ate some food.
Yes, all while still in the car.
It seems Mom and I have this whole traveling
together thing down.

Just about the time I had had enough of
being in the car, we came to a slightly
familiar street.

So, when Mom and Daddy got me out of 
the car, I was eager to walk on my own
straight to the door of Computer Aunt's apartment..

It was nice to be someplace a bit familiar.

Of course, they promptly left me while they
went to eat dinner.

So I made a pathetic attempt at putting 
Mimzy in my food bowl for comfort.

When they returned, I was reluctant to let Mom 
out of my sight.

All I could do was sit around and give her my 
"I'm ready to go to bed" look.

I know we're only a day away from home,
but I have some mixed emotions.
On one hand, I'm not eager to get back into 
the car.
On the other hand, I really want to be home.