Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Accepting Winter

 Yesterday Mom took me out to get the mail,
but we didn't stop to visit the Nice Ladies.

It was nice to be outside, even if it
was just for a little while.

I didn't even mind the snow much.

I did little else for the rest of the day.

Mom put my hide-away in the living room.
I found it an acceptable alternative to 
curling up on her lap,

but only because she didn't make her lap
available to me.

After a long nap,
I pined for the great outdoors for awhile.

Mom refused to take me for a night time recon.

So I went back to curl up on my hide-away.
It was just as I was about to settle down that 
I glanced over and saw that Mom's lap had become 
available; complete with blanket.

So I seized my opportunity.
Needless to say, I did absolutely nothing else all night.