Sunday, November 2, 2014

Autumn Cold

Yesterday I went for a Caturday car ride.

At first, my 'car seat' was behind the driver,
but I couldn't see out the other side the way I wanted.

So, while we were stopped someplace, 
Mom moved my seat to the middle.

I guess I liked it better.

When we went into the human stores,
I rode in my Traveling Bag.

I felt better in there today than on the leash.
There were so many humans, and the wind 
was nippy and unpleasant.
The bag sheltered me from both.

After we came home for awhile,
Mom and Daddy decided to go out again...

...without me.

I felt lonely and left out,
so I put Mimz in the food bowl.

When Mom and Daddy finally came home,
I insisted on a nighttime recon.

Mom was compliant.

It turned out to be pretty cold by then.
So we didn't stay out long.

I didn't really care that it had gotten down
to freezing temperature.

After I warmed up in the house for a bit,
I stared at the door and meowed to go out again.

Mom was non-compliant.

After complaining for a long time,
I resorted to sitting on Mom's lap.

It was only temporary, of course.

I care not about 30°F!
I only care about getting my recon.
If I get it, THEN I will decide if it's too cold.