Friday, November 14, 2014

Return of the Snow Monster

Yesterday my fears came true.
It was just as I predicted.
The dreaded Snow Monster made it's first 
appearance of the season.

This is the main reason I HATE winter.
So I started my day here:

That's right.
I hid under the bed.

Mom went on the rounds without me again.
Which was fine with me.
I was NOT about to go out there with
the snow or the Snow Monster!

After she had been home for awhile,
Uncle showed up.

I took this as a clue that Mom would not
be watching over me while I ate.

So I quickly turned to Mimzy.

Then Uncle and Mom left for hours.

I was left with this view to remind me
 just how depressed I was:

When Daddy came home I ran down the hall
until he settled down.
Then I meowed my concerns to him 
about the state of the outdoors.

I was bored.
I missed Mom.
(Sorry, Daddy.)

When she finally came home, 
I demanded her attention.

I insisted she watch over me while I ate.
When she finally settled down,
I curled up on her lap.

My mood was sullen.

At least Mom was home.

Eventually Mom got up and left me in the chair.
I was content to have the chair and blanket to myself.

Ultimately I readjusted myself...

...and said goodnight to a depressing day.